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Photographs of Wenhaston

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Looking north from above the remains of the village green towards Blyford and the Blyth Valley.
Looking South along The Street with the Church in the trees in the distance on the right.
The Wenhaston Doom. The famous medieval painting in the Church. St Peters Church Wenhaston.
Looking across the Blyth Valley toward Blyford Hall Farm from Bickers Heath in Wenhaston. The River Blyth just above Blyford Bridge between Blyford and Wenhaston.
The Blyth watermeadows near Blyford Bridge with Blyford Church in the background. Sheep grazing by the River Blyth with Blyford Hall in the distance.
Vicarage Grove in the Spring. Bluebells in Vicarage Grove.
Poppies in the village street  Wenhaston Street in the snow, January 2003.
Gorse bushes in the snow. Bickers Heath February 2005 Looking across the Blyth Valley from the top of Blyford Lane. February 2005
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Lots more photographs of Wenhaston can be found on http://photos.blythvalley.net/.

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