Wenhaston Good Village Guide


Wenhaston Community Council 1971 - 2006

It was in the 1980s that Wenhaston Community Council devised a "Good Village Guide" booklet to be given to new residents to help them to settle into the village. Then, as now, the Guide contained information about the practicalities of village life together with contacts for the many and varied village clubs and organisations, with the intention that the new resident would truly enjoy being part of this community.

The Guide was only one of many projects undertaken by Wenhaston Community Council - a remarkable organisation which served Wenhaston well during its 35 years of existence. Times change however, and when in 2006 it was felt that much of what the Community Council did was being duplicated elsewhere, this, coupled with the difficulty of establishing a full Committee, resulted in closure that year.

It is appropriate that a few words are recorded here about Wenhaston Community Council and the many ways in which it played a part in village life. Wenhaston Community Council was set up to enrich village life. As a properly constituted "voluntary body with charitable aims" it was run by a small committee of village residents. Its first project was the building of the Village Hall (achieved in 1975), for which it co-ordinated the massive village effort which resulted in the impressive Hall we see today. Once built the Hall was the responsibility of the Community Council until the formation of a Management Committee in 1984.

The Community Council then proceeded to organise village events (fetes, parties, shows, exhibitions, firework displays, talks, dances and so on) at which the prime purpose was enjoyment for all concerned rather than profit. Profits though, plus subscriptions from members, enabled financial assistance to be given for Village Hall fitments and for grants to be made to village groups and to village projects. Often the Community Council was able and willing to assist where other funding bodies could not.
Many thousands of pounds have been disbursed over the years with each application for funds agreed to be in accordance with the Community Council's Constitution and use of funds agreed to be of benefit to residents. The Council themselves provided several useful village items including seats. To mark the Millennium (and the Village Hall's Silver Anniversary) a working sundial was commissioned and placed at the Village Hall.

Wenhaston Community Council started with the Village Hall and it was fitting at closure that the circle was completed with the Village Hall benefitting from this event. The Community Council's bunting used for events was donated to the Hall Management Committee and the Community Council's financial balance at closure was spent in the Hall on the installation of smart replacement windows.

The Community Council's records have been lodged at Suffolk County Council’s Records Office at Ipswich.

A Potted History of Wenhaston

A settlement at Wenhaston certainly dates back to Roman times for much pottery and building materials from this period have been unearthed in recent years. In fact, Wenhaston was a market of some local importance and from the coins found was probably flourishing from 80 AD to 350 AD. However, the first written record of its existence is to be found in the Domesday survey of 1086, when it was noted that the village of Wenadestuna possessed a mill, a church and woodland sufficient to feed 16 hogs.

Traces of this Medieval history can be seen in parts of the church building, but its greatest treasure was discovered during restoration work in 1892 and is an ancient panel painting of the Doom or Last Day of Judgment.

Recent research has dated the painting around 1520 and it is thought that it was the work of two, a master and his apprentice, the master being either Dutch or an Englishman influenced by the Dutch School of painting. Panel paintings of the Doom in England are very rare and few other instances may be cited.

There is a long history of village merrymaking as evidenced in the following extract from the Rev. J. Clare's Curious Parish Records of the eighteenth century: “In former times Wenhaston had no hiring fairs as were held in Halesworth but instead held an annual sessions or kind of frolic on the village green where some 20 stalls were erected. For several days noisy merriment reigned supreme and there was much betting on pony and donkey races that had as their goals the two public houses, the Queen’s Head at Blyford and The Star at Wenhaston. Some farmers would drink day and night for sometimes a week without going home".

Today the village at the Census of 2001 contained 818 people. Most housing follows the line of the ridge which lies to the south of the River Blyth and the old railway track which ran from Halesworth to Southwold. The railway operated from 1879 to 1929, but declined and ceased with the advent of the comparatively faster and more convenient motor bus. Faster and more convenient maybe, but surely not quite as pleasant for, as a regular passenger said, "The train was very slow at times and when this happened people would often jump off and pick flowers, then run and catch up with the train!"

The railway has long gone, but the flowers are still there to be admired on the open heathland which surrounds the village and remains one of its unique features.        

Keith Johnceline, Local History Recorder (LHR) 01502 478410.

Keith Johnceline is the author of ‘Wenhaston: A History of the Village’, (1985),also, ‘Wenhaston: Millennial History of a Suffolk Village’(2000). Both these publications are available to borrow from our local public libraries and can also be found at the Suffolk County Council Record Office, Lowestoft, for study only.

Local Services

Suffolk Coastal District Council

This Council is responsible for important local services such as electoral registration and elections, planning permission, refuse and recycling collections. Contact them at Council Offices, Melton Hill, Woodbridge IP12 1AU (01394 383789).

Residents of our parish are entitled to vote for a District Councillor to represent our interests at Suffolk Coastal District Council.

Wenhaston with Mells Hamlet Parish Council

The Parish Council comprises eleven local people who voluntarily take on the important job of Parish Councillor. Elections are held every four years. A wide spectrum of local topics are discussed and considered at monthly Council meetings. There is constant liaison with other tiers of government and with all manner of other organisations which may impact on the lives of residents.

Parish Council meetings are open to the public, who may attend but not speak or take part. Agendas and Minutes are displayed at the Village Hall. The Parish Council is also a Burial Authority, having responsibility for the Cemetery in Narrow Way.


Wenhaston has the following recycling facilities (locations marked on Village map):

Suffolk Coastal District Council provides each household with three wheelie bins; a brown bin (garden waste), a grey bin (bagged household waste for landfill) and a blue-topped bin for papers, cardboard, recyclable plastics, tetrapaks, cans and foil. (Not glass). Contact SCDC for more information. For collection dates contact the District Council as these may vary throughout the village.


The excellent mobile library service stops at various places in Wenhaston. Details from 01473 263838. Our nearest library building stands at the junction of Bridge Street and Rectory Street in Halesworth. Nowadays the public libraries at both Halesworth and Southwold offer a range of informal clubs and social opportunities which may be of interest.


Several bus routes come through the village for which timetables are displayed at the bus stops.

Suffolk Links Pathfinder operates rather like a taxi but with the fare of a bus. Call 0845 6041802 between 8:15am and 4:00pm Monday - Friday, up to a week before you wish to travel.

The nearest rail stations are at Halesworth and at Darsham, both on the East Suffolk Line and both about three miles from Wenhaston. Trains run north to Lowestoft (connections to Norwich) and south to Ipswich (connections to London).

Timetables are available from Wenhaston Post Office and Halesworth library, or see the Travel links.

Halesworth Community Car Service is available for journeys for which neither a family car nor any form of public transport is available. Charge made.  Volunteer drivers always welcome. Call 01986 874290 for more details.


Sustrans National Cycle Network

Sustrans Regional Route 42 passes along Blackheath Road, Wenhaston and connects with Sustrans National Route 1 which connects Dover to the Shetland Islands.

Wenhaston Website

Go to http://www.wenhaston.net for information, links to items of interest and other Blyth valley village and town websites, accommodation, and more. If researching your family tree take a look at the Wenhaston Archive and also the online graveyard map and information of burials at St Peter's church. There is also the village Millennium Map online which shows the village as it was around the year 2000AD. The actual map is a metre square but online you can zoom in to study the detail. www.wenhaston.net is one of the Blythweb Group of Local Websites.

Wenhaston Newsletter

Wenhaston Warbler is published monthly by Wenhaston with Mells Hamlet Parish Council and is delivered free by volunteers.


We are served by two local GP practices. Several volunteer groups in the area offer additional services such as hospital transport (new volunteer drivers always welcome!). There are support groups for those with certain medical conditions and also fundraising events in support of local nursing/care initiatives, the East Anglian Air Ambulance, etc.

Cutlers Hill Surgery

Bungay Road, Halesworth IP19 8SG. Phone 01986 874618. Built in the grounds of Patrick Stead Hospital, with on-site parking. See www.cutlershillsurgery.co.uk for information. Separate chemist shop with pharmacy at Surgery. Medicine collection service is offered at Wenhaston Post Office, open 9:00am - 1:00pm weekdays (closed on Bank Holidays).

Southwold Surgery

Dr.Castle and Partners, Sole Bay Health Centre, Teal Close, Reydon, Southwold IP18 6GY. Phone 01502 722326. On-site parking. Separate chemist shop with pharmacy at Surgery. Medicine collection service is offered at Wenhaston Post Office, open 9:00am - 1:00pm weekdays (closed on Bank Holidays).

Minor Injury Units

The Minor Injury Units at Halesworth and Beccles are staffed by fully trained nurses and are an alternative to A&E for minor injuries, providing advice and treatment. You don’t need an appointment, however, if it is possible it is wise for someone to phone ahead that you are on your way.

At Cutler's Hill Surgery, Bungay Road, Halesworth IP19 8SG, the Minor Injury service is available during opening hours, from 8:30am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday, but not on Bank Holidays. Phone number is 01986 874618. The unit at Beccles Hospital, St.Mary's Road, NR34 9NQ is open seven days a week between 10:00am to 6:00pm. Phone 01502 719800. (Info correct at 2016). Outside these hours the NHS can be contacted any time day or night by phoning 111.

Blyth Valley Community First Responders (CFR)

The Community First Responder initiative is an important link in the response to medical emergencies co-ordinated by the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAS). Wenhaston is part of the Blyth Valley Group and has four trained community first responders. We are always looking for new recruits to join the team. If you are aged between 18 and 65 years of age and interested in assisting the community in this important role please contact the CFR Coordinator, Gus Jones, telephone: 01502 478085

The Relief In Need Charity

The Relief in Need Charity dates back to 1680 when a legacy was left to the Parish for parishioners who had fallen on hard times. At the present time money is being given to help parishioners towards the cost of transport for hospital appointments or to visit loved ones. The Trustees would look sympathetically at any request. Contact Mary Pennock 01502 478448.

Churches and Places of Worship

In Wenhaston St.Peter's Church stands in The Street with the Church Room building alongside in Church Lane, plus there is a Methodist Chapel in Coles Hill. The nearest meeting places for the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) are at Smallgate, Beccles and at Waterloo Avenue, Leiston. There are Catholic churches at Halesworth, off Steeple End (St. Edmund King and Martyr) and at Southwold Common (Church of the Sacred Heart). United Reformed churches are in Quay Street, Halesworth and High Street, Southwold. The Halesworth Community Church meets at School Farm, Cratfield.

Church of England

The Parish of St Peter's, Wenhaston, is a member of the Blyth Valley Team of Parishes. Our Team Rector, Edward Rennard, lives at The Rectory, Halesworth (Tel: 01986 872602).

Visitors from all over the UK, and the world, come to St.Peter's in particular to view the medieval painting on panels of the ‘Last Judgement’ or ‘Doom’ which is housed within.  This is a fine example of such paintings. See separate section in this Guide for more about The Doom, but ideally do take a look for yourself and study this wonderful and remarkable 500-year old art work.

St.Peter's is generally believed to have Saxon foundations, but what you see now is a medieval church, with some earlier features and with alterations and additions made over subsequent centuries. St.Peter's is a Grade I listed building because of medieval work and the 'Last Judgement' 'Doom' painting.

For times and details of services see the notices in the church porch, on the church notice board, or subscribe to the monthly ‘Team Times’. This is the parish magazine for all the parishes of the Blyth Valley Team Ministry. Spare copies of Team Times are for sale, and can usually be found in the church along with postcards of the ‘Doom’ and an informative booklet for sale. Wenhaston's correspondent is Margaret Goldstone, telephone 01502 478378. 

The Doom

The Wenhaston Doom is a medieval painting in St. Peter's Church that is unusual for having been painted on to wooden boards rather than directly on to a wall. Most experts place it within the 'Top 10' of such paintings nationally, and ranked by some at Number 1. Few other such Dooms have survived and indeed the story of the Wenhaston Doom is remarkable.

The fact that the Doom can be seen today is due to the painted boards being whitewashed over, as long ago as the mid 1500s. So the painting remained hidden to view for generations, and, most importantly, hidden from the attentions of the church despoilers of Cromwell's Commonwealth in 1644. Wenhaston once featured angels on the beams of the church roof, but these despised items, along with much else, were destroyed at this time.

In 1892, during church alterations, the wooden boards were removed from the church and taken out to the churchyard. Imagine the astonishment when overnight rain revealed this glorious long-forgotten painting from under its covering. Go to www.wenhaston.net/doom/index.php to know more.

Bell Ringers

St Peter's Church houses six bells in excellent going order.

Part of the Blyth Valley Ringers. Regular practices are held at Halesworth and some surrounding towers between 7:30pm - 9:00pm (nights vary for different towers). Visiting ringers are welcome to join in or to book their own session as a group. The Blyth Valley Ringers can ring for services, weddings and other events by arrangement. Under the Suffolk Guild of Ringers (NE District) ringers can take part in events and competitions during the year - usually accompanied by a delicious tea.

St Peter's Church Choir

Our small choir was formed more than 20 years ago. Many of the original members have now moved on, but one or two are still singing - with additional help. If you would like to join us you would be very welcome.

Church Room

One of Wenhaston's historic buildings, once a school. Here there is one main room, 20ft x 40ft, plus separate kitchen with four ring hob, refrigerator and microwave. Cloakroom and WC. Wheelchair access.

Hire costs are very reasonable. Heating extra. Several village groups meet here and enquiries from organisations or from individuals are welcome. For bookings or enquiries contact Jenny Jeffrey, 01502 478815.

Methodist Church

The Stone Chapel in Chapel Lane, Coles Hill bears a plaque dated 1835 but certainly an earlier chapel stood on this site. Nowadays this galleried chapel is warmly decorated and has a refurbished rear ‘schoolroom’ and modern kitchen.

Details of services and group meetings are displayed on its own notice-board, at the Village Hall and in ‘Team Times’. Minister: Reverend Ian Gardner 01728 830733, Steward: Iris Baker 01502 478663.

The Suffolk Historic Churches Trust

The Trust holds a sponsored cycle ride every year in September. Cycle to nominated places of worship to raise funds which are split equally between the church of your choice and SHCT. 


From September 2012 this area of Suffolk has embraced a two-tier school system (previously three-tier).

Wenhaston’s well-equipped County Primary School in the main village street (Hall Road) accommodates children aged 4-11 years in four classes: Reception, Years 1 & 2, Years 3 & 4, Years 5 & 6. The Head Teacher is Julia Bowles.

For further information contact the school on 01502 478328.

For children under 5 years old there is Wenhaston Acorns Pre-school which is open during term time in its own building within the grounds of Wenhaston School. Contact 07984 421156.

Pepyn & Lessey Trust

The Trust was founded in 1562/3 by William Pepyn and Reginald Lessey for the education ‘in learning, godliness, and virtue of the poor children of Wenhaston’.

There is a Scheme, approved by the Charity Commissioners, for administering the Trust. Sound investment by the Trustees (all local people) enables the Trust to help children, up to the age of 18, who are resident in the Parish.

Grants for educational purposes may be made, within the terms of the Scheme, both to children and the local schools most Wenhaston children attend. Further information from the Clerk to the Trust, Trevor Tate, 01502 478622.

Workers' Educational Association (WEA)

There are a number of Adult Education Classes in the area, including a Wenhaston Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) group. Wenhaston WEA hold classes on Friday mornings in the Village Hall for two terms a year (Spring and Autumn) featuring different topics each term. Contact Tony Gow, Secretary, 01502 478977.

Millennium Map

Following an initiative by the Wenhaston Commons Group, the people of Wenhaston have published a decorative map which includes parts of the parish but mainly features the village, its layout, buildings, people and landscape. Illustrations of the local flora and fauna and of contemporary artefacts decorate the map to complete a record of the village and the many aspects of life in Wenhaston at the second millennium AD. In 2000 each house was given a copy of the map.

Copies of the map are available from Heather Phillips 01502 478545, Jill Daines and Michael Gasper 01502 478016 and The Star Inn. A framed copy is on display in St Peters’ church and in the Village Hall.

Maps are free to newcomers and former residents and £10 to non-residents.

Wenhaston Commons Group holds the copyright of the Millennium Map. Team Times, Blythweb Ltd and any village non-profit making organisation or club may reproduce all or part of the map but should acknowledge the Wenhaston Commons Group.

The Millennium Map is also reproduced in detail on www.wenhaston.net/mmap/ .

Wenhaston Commons and Footpaths

Wenhaston is fortunate to have five Commons in and around the village. These are important fragments of ancient lowland heath known as Suffolk Sandlings, one of Britain’s most threatened habitats. The Wenhaston Commons Group has for many years managed the Commons in the interests of conservation and in 2012 adopted a 10-year plan called 'Caring for the Commons'. New residents who may be interested are encouraged to join our regular working parties, the dates of which are advertised in advance and in the monthly Wenhaston Warbler. There are also walks, talks and information about the Commons and a regular newsletter called 'The Silver Studded Blue'. The Commons Group has a committee which is nominated from members at an annual AGM, and meets as a Group at least twice a year.  For more information please contact the Secretary Ann Follows 01502 478324 annfollows@googlemail.com.


There is a good network of clearly marked footpaths in and around Wenhaston.

The Footpath Group walks on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. One is a half-day walk, one further afield with a pub lunch. All welcome. Contact Heather Phillips, 01502 478545 or Heather Hammond 01502 478602.

Blyth Woods

Blyth Woods - founded 2012 - creating a new community wood from seeds grown by schoolchildren, adding to wildlife corridors for bio-diversity, responding to climate change, and engaging in all enjoyable activities which nurture, utilise and maintain it. Contact Ann Edwards 01502 478466 or Serena Inskip 01502 478302.

Wenhaston Village Hall

Opened in 1975 following a massive village effort in both fundraising and volunteer labour to replace the previous village hut, and all co-ordinated by Wenhaston Community Council, this impressive hall comprises a large main hall (big enough for badminton), also a wide stage with dressing rooms, bar facilities, kitchen, toilets, a community room and car park. The notable working sundial on the end wall was commissioned and placed by Wenhaston Community Council as one of their celebratory year 2000 millennium projects. In 2009 the Hall underwent extensive improvements intended to reduce the Hall's carbon footprint, part of which was the installation of a biomass boiler and heating system. There is easy access to the Hall for wheelchairs. 

Wenhaston Post Office is open in the Hall foyer on weekdays 9am–1pm (not Bank Holidays).

Here you will also find the ‘Book Exchange’, a popular free service for all to use and also wall-hung allocated Pockets where you can leave correspondence for village groups and organisations.

The Hall is a Registered Charity (Number 1001694) run by a Management Committee formed mainly from the village organisations who are users of the Hall. Such organisations include Wenhaston WI, Table Tennis group, Badminton Club, Gardener's Club, Wenhaston WEA and others. Contact Robin Dillaway 01502 478966. For bookings contact Jane Peters on bookwvh@outlook.com .

Wenhaston Village Hall 100 Club was launched in 2011 to raise much-needed funds for the village hall. For a monthly stake of just £1 there is a chance to win one of three cash prizes with an extra draw in December.

Wenhaston Playingfield

Wenhaston Playingfield is over three acres in size and was gifted to the people of the village in the 1930s as an area for recreation. As such it is an important open space for all residents to freely enjoy. (No dogs please!). The Playingfield is a Registered Charity administered by Wenhaston with Mells Hamlet Parish Councillors. The main entrance, which is the only vehicle entrance, is alongside Wenhaston Primary School in the main village street. This access also serves the Bowling Green. There is also a pedestrian access to The Playingfield from an adjoining footpath.

On Wenhaston Playingfield you will find modern play equipment for younger children.

The Playingfield is also home to Wenhaston United Football Club whose pavilion is available for hire. Contact Peter Pennock on 01502 478448. From 2003, Wenhaston Sports Club became established and their tennis courts and other facilities stand on the Playingfield.

Wenhaston Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association (WALGA)

WALGA located in Narrow Way, Wenhaston has produced vegetables and fruit from shortly after formation on 2nd June 2008. There are fourteen plots being worked by parishioners both young and old from the village. The allotment has a communal shed and polytunnel funded by a National Lottery grant. If you wish to go on the waiting list please contact the Secretary or Chairman.

David Smith (Chairman) - Telephone: 01502 478535
Gus Jones (Secretary) - Telephone: 01502 478085

Wenhaston Archive Project

Begun in September 2007 by a small group of local residents led by Arthur Musk, initially to build a website recording farming in and around Wenhaston, this project rapidly escalated to a much bigger plan bringing together photos, documents and memories of village life over the years. Public exhibitions were held with the invitation for anyone to submit their cherished documents for recording. No documents were retained but were returned to their owners - their is no physical 'collection'. Instead all items were scanned, enabling some of the images to be appreciably digitally enhanced when compared with original damaged documents and photographs. Scanned images were captioned where possible and uploaded to the dedicated website where they were alloted to relevant sections and headings.

This project was initially managed by a small committee who freely gave their time and skills, together with support by the Wenhaston-based website company Blythweb Ltd, staffed by village residents, who hosted the impressively extensive website that resulted, displaying over 2,000 images. No public funding or support from any bodies either within or outside the village was forthcoming and as the original committee fragmented Blythweb Ltd continued to support the website. This could never be a long-term arrangement, with fears for the future of such an unfunded large website which would be enormously difficult to replicate once defunct.

In 2016 the charity Southwold Railway Trust expressed interest in becoming guardians of the Wenhaston Archive website (Wenhaston being one of the stations on the Halesworth-Southwold line which operated 1879-1929, and the site of the only Southwold Railway road level-crossing).

People from around the world with family links to Wenhaston have delighted in seeing the Archive and may now continue to do so.


Art and Craft Group

We meet on Tuesday afternoons, 2pm-4pm, September to June in the Village Hall. We are a self-help group and partake in a wide group of activities, such as sewing, knitting, drawing, and painting. It is a mixed group, of women and men, and newcomers are very welcome, for a relaxed afternoon, plus tea and cake.

Andy Norris - Telephone: 01502 478634
Denise Corbett - Telephone: 01502 478505

Badminton Club

A long-established club. Meets weekly on Monday evenings at the Village Hall between 7:30pm - 9:30pm. New members welcome.

Stephen Frary - Telephone: 01986 873592


Michelle Williams - Telephone: 01502 478052


Fundraising Bingo evenings at Wenhaston Village Hall.

Arthur Musk - Telephone: 01502 478266

Blyth Spirits

An informal and friendly group, founded in 2015, which meets once a month in the afternoon at the Church Room. Varied programme which includes interesting speakers, discussions, theatre outings, other outings etc. Subscribe to annual membership or just come along as a visitor to occasional meetings.

June Tate - Telephone: 01502 478622
Margaret Goldstone - Telephone: 01502 478378

Blyth Valley Community First Responders (CFR)

The Community First Responder initiative is an important link in the response to medical emergencies co-ordinated by the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAS). Wenhaston is part of the Blyth Valley Group and has four trained community first responders.

We are always looking for new recruits to join the team. If you are aged between 18 and 65 years of age and interested in assisting the community in this important role please contact the CFR Coordinator.

Gus Jones (CFR Blyth Valley CFR Coordinator) - Telephone: 01502 478085

Wenhaston Bowls Club

On 27th April 1932, Reverend Hardingham, Rector of St. Peter's Church, chaired a meeting attended by 22 people. So Wenhaston Bowls Club was formed and a committee elected, chaired by Rev. Hardingham. A site on the vicarage paddock became the Green.

A new site became necessary and after much hard work, fundraising and the acquisition of grants, land was bought near Wenhaston Playingfield. In 1998 a County Standard Green was laid there and a pavilion built. The Club is affiliated to the Suffolk County Bowls Association and the English Bowls Association. It is asked to host various Inter-League and County events.

Elaine Peck - Telephone: 01986 874331

Wenhaston Village Hall Cinema - Pics in the Sticks

In 2014 Wenhaston Village Hall started showing feature films on a large screen once a month. There is a children's film, usually starting at 3:00pm and a main feature - sometimes with a short 'B' film in the evening - at 7:30pm. These are normally held on the first Saturday of each month and through the year we will be showing a wide range of films to cater for most tastes. Sweets and drinks are for sale in the afternoon, and there is a bar in the evening.

Wil Harvey - Telephone: 01502 478606

Wenhaston Commons Group

Ann Follows - Telephone: 01502 478324

Drop In Club

Why not join us for coffee and a chat on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month in Wenhaston Village Hall from 10.00am to 12.00 noon. Come and make some new friends. All welcome.

Anita Graves - Telephone: 01502 478293

Exercise Class

Mobility exercises to help strengthen muscle and bone. Aimed at helping with everyday tasks and to improve balance  and walking. The class is mainly in the Village Hall on Thursday morning 10am-11am but please check with contact to make sure.

June Tate - Telephone: 01502 478622

Wenhaston Flower Club

Meets on the first Tuesday in the month in the Church Room at 7:30 pm. We have flower demonstrations or workshop evenings, a garden meeting in summer and an annual dinner in winter. There is no annual subscription, just a small meeting charge. The club is open to anybody and friends are always welcome.

Jean Spindler - Telephone: 01502 478317

Footpath Walkers

Heather Hammond - Telephone: 01502 478602
Heather Phillips - Telephone: 01502 478545

Methodist Church

Ian Gardner (Minister) - Telephone: 01728 830733
Ian Gardner (Prayer and Bible Study) - Telephone: 01728 830733
Iris Baker (Steward) - Telephone: 01502 478663
Mary Hunt (Women's Fellowship) - Telephone: 01502 478472

Oil Purchasing Syndicate

David Smeaton-Small - Telephone: 01502 478743

Wenhaston with Mells Hamlet Parish Council

Richard Day (Clerk) - Telephone: 01986 874927

Phoenix Over 50s Club

We are a small group of ladies who simply enjoy other people's company. We enjoy a cup of tea and chat and much laughter, followed by games of Whist and Scrabble, both of which require concentration and undoubtedly help to keep the brain active. This is a very friendly group who meet on alternate Thursday afternoons in the Church Room from 2:00pm until 4:00pm and pay £1 each per session which helps with running costs. New members, both ladies and gentlemen, are warmly welcomed.

Joan Louch - Telephone: 01502 478552

Wenhaston Primary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Contact the PTA Chairperson via Wenhaston Primary School.

PTA Chairperson (contact via School) - Telephone: 01502 478328

Royal British Legion

John Levy - Telephone: 01502 478436

St.Peter's Church

Dorothy Franklin (Choir Mistress) - Telephone: 01502 478303
Edward Rennard (Team Rector) - Telephone: 01986 872606
Margaret Goldstone (Churchwarden) - Telephone: 01502 478378

Wenhaston Tennis Club

As well as being an open space for all to freely enjoy (no dogs allowed) Wenhaston Playingfield is home to a dedicated tennis court, a surfaced open area (for basketball practice, roller hockey and skateboarding) and a multi-function court (for five-a-side football, basketball and tennis). The tennis court may be hired at reasonable rates by the hour for private use, as well as the multi-purpose sports area. These areas may both be floodlit and provide ideal training grounds in the winter.

The Tennis Club has its own noticeboard at Wenhaston Village Hall, as well as a noticeboard on site. The boards carry information about membership, court bookings, etc.

Bernard Grant - Telephone: 01502 478770

Strictly Dance Fitness

Tuesday lunch time 11.45/12.30pm at the Village Hall - a dance fitness class suitable for the 'older active adult' combining the zesty Cha Cha, Salsa, Tango, Bosa Nova and Paso Doble rhythms, very easy to follow dance moves mixed with a fitness element all culminating in a happy and welcoming class for all.

Coral, a Dance Teacher, Examiner, Pilates and Fitness Instructor, has been teaching for over 30 years in the local area. Teaching ballet, tap, modern and jazz to students from 3yrs to 83yrs, combining professional coaching for festivals, auditions, examinations and corporate events - so come along for a try out session and join in the fun!

Christine Buttle - Telephone: 01502 478511
Coral - Telephone: 07967 808561

Wenhaston Table Tennis Club

Three tables, nets and balls supplied – all you need is a bat! That is, if you wish to join in the fun every Thursday afternoon from 2pm-4pm at the Village Hall. And the cost is just £1.50 per session.

Ann Jones - Telephone: 01502 478085

Wenhaston Womens Institute (WI)

In 2014 Wenhaston WI celebrated its 95th year. We are a thriving group with a wide range of interests. Visitors are always welcome. Meetings take place monthly, held mainly in the Village Hall, on the evening of the first Wednesday of each month commencing at 7:30pm. The Programme includes a wide variety of interesting speakers. In addition there are outings and other friendly activities throughout the year including book clubs and a Diners Club, as well as Scrabble, darts and play reading groups. Women of all ages are welcome. The WI is a national non-political and non-religious movement offering much to its members. For contact details please see the programme pinned to the WI noticeboard in the Village Hall foyer.

Pat Yates (Secretary) - Telephone: 01986 784301

Wenhaston United Football Club

The earliest records of football in the village date back to 1644. The present Club’s records go back to 1898/99 and it has been in existence since that time. It is still very much a village Club. The pitch is on the Wenhaston Playingfield with fixture lists on display in the Pavilion.

Any potential players, supporters and helpers will receive a warm welcome and a cup of tea.

David Canham (Secretary) - Telephone: 01986 875524
Doug Canham (Chairman) - Telephone: 01986 875810

Wenhaston WEA (Workers' Educational Association)

There are a number of Adult Education Classes in the area, including Wenhaston's own long-established branch of the Workers' Educational Association (WEA). This group hold classes on Friday mornings in the Village Hall for two terns a year (Spring and Autumn) featuring different topics of interest each term.

Tony Gow (Secretary) - Telephone: 01502 478977

Wenhaston Village Hall

Jane Peters (Bookings) - Email: bookwvh@outlook.com
Robin Dillaway (Management Committee) - Telephone: 01502 478966

Wenhaston Village Hall 100 Club

This venture was launched in 2011 to raise much-needed funds for the village hall. Each year more than £500 is spent on new equipment for the Hall and a similar amount is given in prizes. For a monthly stake of just £1 there is a chance to win one of three cash prizes with an extra draw in December.

Trish Gower - Telephone: 01502 478267

Wenhaston Youth Club

Wenhaston has a long history of running a fun, successful youth club based at the Village Hall, although not continuously. If you are interested in helping in the organising of the club please contact David Cox on 01502 478668 who will be very happy to discuss what is involved having done it himself.

Wine Tasting

Bernard Orme - Telephone: 01502 478708